Poly Tetramethylene Oxide Di P Aminobenzoate Equivalent To Versalink 740M

CAS No.: 54667-43-5 Molecular Weight: 1238
Viscosity, MPa·s @30℃: 3600 Melting Point, ℃: 18
Equivalent Weight: 615-623 Specific Gravity, 20℃: 1.01
Appearance: Amber Liquid

Poly Tetramethylene Oxide Di P Aminobenzoate Equivalent To Versalink 740M

Molecular Weight: 1238
CAS No.54667-43-5
(at room temperature)
Amber liquid
Viscosity, mPa·s @30℃
Specific gravity, 20℃
Melting point, ℃
Equivalent weight


As a liquid, XYLINK P-1000 could be mixed with prepolymer at room temperature for casting and curing, it could be used as chain extender for both TDI and MDI system; XYLINK P-1000 could also be applied as the flexibility modifier for epoxide resin. The application areas including casting, coating, adhesive agent, sealing agent and spray finishing. It is especially appropriate for onsite processing due to its easy workability. The room temperature vulcanization with XYLINK P-1000 is not just featured by itssimpler process procedure, but also the finished produc has more excellent performance than MDI/diol system, besides, polyurethane elastomers formulated with XYLINK P-1000 has a low shrinkage ratio.

The molecular formular of XYLINK P-1000 is similar with the 740M(American). They blong to the same homologuous series. 740M is approved to be used in the areas that directly contact with food and drug by the FDA. XYLINK P-1000 is also a non-toxic prodcuts.

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