Antiseptic Household Chemical Disinfectant

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Product Number:RTWD08
Product name:Antiseptic Household Chemical Disinfectant

Release Time:2015-1-4 15:45:9
Technical Specification
1.Form Liquid Chemical Disinfectant
2.Size 250ml, 500ml, 750ml, 1000ml or OEM Chemical Disinfectant
3.Function Kill 99.99% bacterias Chemical Disinfectant
4.Use occasion Household Chemical Disinfectant
5.Ingredients Chemical Chemical Disinfectant

1)it impolys original disinfectant, imports innovative biological technique, adds potentiations such as plant extract, capable of eliminating various pathogenic bacteria concealed in clothes or object surface thoroughly, Our antiseptic disinfectant has especially nice antiseptic and cleaning effect of blood on clothes and secretion on underwear.

2) Our antiseptic disinfectant effectively eliminates peculiar odors such as mouldy odour, smell of fish from clothes or object surface, leaving clothes and object with clean mint and persisting pine wood fragrance.

3) It contains plant extract, making clothes fibers fluffy, exerting protection function on skin, no fastness on cleaning clothes, having better cleaning effect when used with detergent.

4) Washing and cleaning environment with this product can effectly repel mosquito, prevent insects and epidemic diseases, processed with special technique, less foamy, easy to be cleaned…

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