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CMC Food Grade High Purity CMC Carboxymethyl Cellulose Food Additives in Ice Cream

CMC Food Grade High Purity CMC Carboxymethyl Cellulose Food Additives in Ice Cream


1. Quick Detail :


Appearance floccule, powder and granular
Viscosity viscosity range 5—10000
Degree of substitution D.S. range 0.5—1.8
Solubility dissolution time controlled from 10 to 40 minutes
Special Requirements CMC/PAC products customized


2. Specifications :


MAOYUAN® CMC for Food & Dairy
Type Moisture,% Viscosity DS Purity,% Appearance
% cps pH Powder Granular
FL6 <10 1 ≤100 6.5-8.5 0.70-0.90 99.5
FM6 <10 1 100-200 6.5-8.5 0.70-0.90 99.5
FH6 <10 1 200-500 6.5-8.5 0.70-0.90 99.5
FVH6 <10 1 500-1000 6.5-8.5 0.70-0.90 99.5
FVH6-1 <10 1 1000-2000 6.5-8.5 0.70-0.90 99.5
FVH6-2 <10 1 2000-3000 6.5-8.5 0.70-0.90 99.5
FVH6-3 <10 1 3000-4000 6.5-8.5 0.70-0.90 99.5
FVH6-4 <10 1 4000—5000 6.5-8.5 0.70-0.90 99.5
FVH6-5 <10 1 5000-6000 6.5-8.5 0.70-0.90 99.5
FVH6-6 <10 1 ≥6000 6.5-8.5 0.70-0.90 99.5
FL9 <10 1 ≤100 6.5-8.5 ≥0.90 99.5
FM9 <10 1 100-200 6.5-8.5 ≥0.90 99.5
FH9 <10 1 200-500 6.5-8.5 ≥0.90 99.5
FVH9 <10 1 500-1000 6.5-8.5 ≥0.90 99.5
FVh9-1 <10 1 1000-2000 6.5-8.5 ≥0.90 99.5
FVH9-2 <10 1 2000-3000 6.5-8.5 ≥0.90 99.5
FVH9-3 <10 1 3000-4000 6.5-8.5 ≥0.90 99.5
FVH9-4 <10 1 4000-5000 6.5-8.5 ≥0.90 99.5
FVH9-5 <10 1 5000-60000 6.5-8.5 ≥0.90 99.5
FVH9-6 <10 1 ≥6000 6.5-8.5 ≥0.90 99.5


3. Description :


CMC Carboxymethyl Cellulose in food and diary:

★ Thickening: To obtain high viscosity under low concentration, control the viscosity in the food processing, and give food smooth-feeling at the same time

★ Water retention: To reduce food syneresis and prolong the food shelf life

★ Dispersion stability: To maintain the stability of the food quality, prevent oil and water from layering(emulsification), control the crystal size in the frozen food (Reducing ice crystals)

★ Film-forming: to form a layer of glue film in the fried foods and prevent excessive grease-absorptione.

★ Chemical stability: to keep a certain mildew resistance to the chemical medicine

★ Metabolism inertia: to provide no calories in food


The role in cold drinks and frozen food:

★ Good compatibility: to be able to be mixed well with milk, sugar, emulsifier, etc

★ Well film-forming: not easily broken, shining, and beautiful

★ Frozen resistance: tongue feeling smooth


The role in dairy products:

★ Good stable performance and not easy to precipitate

★ Strong acid resistance and to extend the shelf life

★ Improve the drinks taste

ALGINIC ACID SODIUM SALT / Sodium alginate / food additive / food grade

Name: Sodium alginate


Molecular Formula:C6H7O6Na)n
CAS Registry Number:9005-38-3
Appearance:white to light yellow granules or powder
Molecular Weight:398.31668
Boiling Point:495.2 °C at 760 mmHg
Melting Point:> 300 C
Flash Point:495.2 °C at 760 mmHg
Storage Temperature:Store at RT.

Stable. Incompatible with strong acids, strong bases, strong oxidizing agents.

In brewing industry as auxiliary fining agent, foam stabilizer.
1. mainly used as food stabilizers, thickeners, gel-forming agents. As a food additive, can improve food structure and improve food quality. At the same time it has to reduce the body’s cholesterol levels, clear the blood vessels, reducing blood viscosity, softening blood vessels. Because of its excellent film-forming properties, which can be used in food packaging edible film.
2. used as emulsion stabilizers and thickeners, our requirements can be used for all kinds of food, according to production needs to be used in moderation.
3. widely used in the food industry, adhesives, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, textiles, paper, paint and so on.
4. Sodium alginate can be used alone for the preparation of adhesives, especially suitable as a food adhesive. In the cosmetics industry, used as a hair setting class products, thickeners, foam stabilizers, skin lotion used as emulsion stabilizer. Used as a thickening agent in toothpaste, good solubility than conventional carboxymethyl cellulose, so that the paste evenly, delicate and shiny. Used as a thickener in the food industry, for ice cream, bread, canned food, cakes and other foods and is used as a suspending agent in soft drinks. Textile industry as sizing agents and printing paste formulation. Medicine for the manufacture of plasma substitutes, capsules, dental bite teeth marks materials, damp cloth drugs, contraceptives. Also used as paper sizing agents, mineral flotation agent, ceramic adhesives, drilling mud additives, feed adhesives, fish disease control agent.

CAS 144-55-8 Sodium Bicarbonate Chemistry Detergent Food Additives Soda Powder

Sodium Bicarbonate Tech. Grade White Crystal Powder For Detergent Raw Material , CAS NO: 144-55-8


Quick Detail:


Name Sodium Bicarbonate Application Food Additives, Feed Additives, Detergent,Dying and Printing industries.
CAS No.: 144-55-8 EINECS No.: 205-633-8
Appearance: White crystal powder




Sodium Bicarbonate (Food Grade, Feed Grade, Tech. Grade)

Molecular formula: NaHCO3

CAS NO: 144-55-8

Packaging & Delivery

Packing: In 25Kg/1000kg NET woven bags with plastic bags inside,25-27MT can be loaded in a standard 20’/FCL.




The product can be widely used as Food Additives, Feed Additives, Detergent,Dying and Printing industries.




Store in cool, well ventilated area. Do not store adjacent to acids.

Silvocid Chemical

Silvocid Chemical

Silvocid Chemical
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Product Description

Relying over our technically sound processing unit, we are instrumental in offeringSilvocid Chemicalto the clients. The offered chemical is used as an effective substitute for toxic and narrow spectrum halogens such as chlorine, bromine and iodine. This chemical is processed using superior quality chemicals and sophisticated techniques as per the international standards. Furthermore, thisSilvocid Chemicalfrom us in different packaging options at competitive prices.


  • Complex composition
  • Highly effective
  • Eco friendly
  • Stable physical and chemical properties

Silvocid A Wide Spectrum Biocide

  • SILVOCID is highly effective.
  • Universally applicable disinfectants.
  • SILVOCID eliminates all pathogenic bacteria, amoeba, biofilms, fungi, mould, virus, etc. without any side effects.

The two main components, hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) as the oxidizing agent and silver (Ag) with its powerful oligo-dynamic and catalytic effect, are combined with stabilizers to form a complex solution.
Eco-friendly Silvocid is an excellent substitute for toxic and narrow spectrum Halogens (Chlorine, Bromine, and Iodine).

SHMP chemical


different content

sample is free

inorganic chemical white powder too

methylene chloride in Chemicals

methylene chloride in Chemicals

1) Excellent solvent

2) Parting agent. Detergent

3) Vesicant, Foaming agent

4) Pharmaceutical industry

General Technical Data:











Residue after evaporation%,≤


Spray car cleaning chemicals 450ml , carburetor cleaner for pvc valve greasy

Spray car cleaning chemicals 450ml , carburetor cleaner for pvc valve greasy


All Purpose Foamy Cleaner;
Tire Foamy Cleaner
Engine Degreaser;
Car Wax–solft wax, hard wax, color back wax, cyrstal wax etc
Radiator Coolant, Anti-freeze Fluid



Captain Carburetor Cleaner can effectively remove greasy dirt, gum, and carbon deposits on PVC valve, ERG valve, choke and other parts, It can easily flush off the residue on carburetor. The product can increase combustion efficiency to save oil and decrease the gas pollution.



AUTOMATIC CHOKES: While manually opening and closing choke, spray on both ends of the choke shaft. If not completely free, take choke cover off and start engine. While running, spray into vacuum cylinder.

CARBURETOR LINKAGE: Flush oily carburetor linkage with spray to remove dust and dirt that interfere with performance.

MANIFOLD HEAT CONTROLS: Spray exposed ends of heater valve shaft of cold engine. After penetration, move the counter weight up and down until the valve is free.



1. Keep away from heat, flame, spark and other source of ignition.
2. Store in a cool, dry place (45℃); Avoid direct sunlight.
3. Do not clash, puncture, or incinerate the can.
4. Keep out of reach of children;

Antiseptic Household Chemical Disinfectant

Products>>Washing Detergent>>Disinfectant
Product Number:RTWD08
Product name:Antiseptic Household Chemical Disinfectant

Release Time:2015-1-4 15:45:9
Technical Specification
1.Form Liquid Chemical Disinfectant
2.Size 250ml, 500ml, 750ml, 1000ml or OEM Chemical Disinfectant
3.Function Kill 99.99% bacterias Chemical Disinfectant
4.Use occasion Household Chemical Disinfectant
5.Ingredients Chemical Chemical Disinfectant

1)it impolys original disinfectant, imports innovative biological technique, adds potentiations such as plant extract, capable of eliminating various pathogenic bacteria concealed in clothes or object surface thoroughly, Our antiseptic disinfectant has especially nice antiseptic and cleaning effect of blood on clothes and secretion on underwear.

2) Our antiseptic disinfectant effectively eliminates peculiar odors such as mouldy odour, smell of fish from clothes or object surface, leaving clothes and object with clean mint and persisting pine wood fragrance.

3) It contains plant extract, making clothes fibers fluffy, exerting protection function on skin, no fastness on cleaning clothes, having better cleaning effect when used with detergent.

4) Washing and cleaning environment with this product can effectly repel mosquito, prevent insects and epidemic diseases, processed with special technique, less foamy, easy to be cleaned…